Sunday, September 9, 2007

Days 96,& 97 Fri & Sat, Sep 7 & 8, 2007 Toad River, B.C., to Fort St. John B.C.

Mostly sunny and 60 degrees already (noon) and it didn’t take long to be exciting. We saw a small herd of deer, and immediately after that a caribou. All of these were on the oncoming side of the road so my pictures had to be taken through the windshield. All I got of the caribou was the steering wheel! The woods are cut back from the highway giving the animals plenty of room to walk off the road, but obviously they like the road the best.

We learned a lesson about stopping early; or not stopping early. Until last night campgrounds (including our home in Whitehorse) have been mostly empty. We had a site in Pink Mountain, but someone was in it. We should have asked them if they had a receipt for that site, but we didn’t know it was the last site in the campground. We decided to get our money back and drive on to the next campground—wrong decision. We ended up in a motel in Fort St. John a couple of hours later and Jerry had a very, very sore leg. So sore, that we’re spending two nights here so he can recover. From now on we’re sticking to our 5 hours of driving a day, and stopping early.

Pictures: Click here

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