Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day 94, Wed, Sep 5, 2007, Whitehorse, YT, Canada to Watson Lake, YT

We finally left Whitehorse! We intended to yesterday, but we were waiting for mail—very important mail at that. The stickers on our license tags had expired the end of August and our daughter, Susan, had mailed them by express mail. We thought for certain we’d get them on Tuesday, but didn’t. Maybe it was a sign that Jerry needed another day of rest.

At any rate, today, we’re on our way home, with mostly blue skies, and a few short rainshowers thrown in for good measure. It seems to rain here everyday, but not for very long. Then there is a beautiful rainbow, and yes, we saw one today. We’ve been at a higher altitude most of the day—about 3,000 feet—and have been enjoying the fall colors the Yukon has to offer.

Jerry’s leg still hurts, but not so much that he can’t drive and both our spirits have been lifted considerably.

We’re staying at Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake. A nice Good Sam Park, but lacking in grass for Blackie. Bathhouse and laundry room were nice and clean, though.

The high was about 52, low of upper 30’s.

Pictures: Click here

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