Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 108, Wed, Sep 19, 2007, Frankfort, KY to HOME!

We crossed the KY/TN state line and took a few minutes at the Tennessee Welcome Center to make sandwiches. I (Barbara) glanced at a picture of a black bear cub that is hanging on a cabinet in the motorhome that we bought in Fairbanks and broke down in tears. The picture brought back memories of the good times we had, and up until August 19th, when Jerry got sick, it was all good times. We got up when we wanted, stayed in a town as long as we wanted, took whatever route we wanted. How many people can say they’ve done that? We’ve truly been blessed and we’ve very grateful for it.

And I’m a very lucky lady to have a husband willing to drive on a curvy, mountainous, gravel road for 100 miles to take me to a “town” named Chicken! The scenery was beautiful and I was happier than I probably would have been in Paris or somewhere else fancy.

Now that we’re home it’s back to real life. It will be great to see our friends again. We pray Jerry’s leg heals—he has a doctor appointment on Friday. If we learn anything earth-shattering, we’ll post an addendum to the blog. And someday we’ll take another trip!

We drove a little over 12500 miles during the 108 day trip.

Pictures: Click here

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