Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 102, Thu, Sep 13, 2007, Conrad, MT to Livingston, MT

This must have been Blackie’s favorite RV Park. They had a fenced in doggie area and he had it all to himself. Blackie ran back and forth between us (his Frisbee disappeared in Anchorage) but just to see him get some exercise was great. And the campsites had nice grass between campers and Blackie enjoyed resting and enjoying the view. Usually he’s nervous if we’re not outside with him, but last night I went out to see if he was ready to come in and he didn’t even stand up!

We saw a deer drinking out of a creek yesterday, but I wasn’t ready with the camera.

Jerry’s leg still hurts way more than it should, especially at the end of the day. Montana is pretty but too brown. There is a lot of farmland and the wheat has been harvested. A fair amount of evergreen trees but no deciduous trees. I want color!!!

Pictures: Click here

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