Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day 95, Thu, Sep 6, 2007, Watson Lake to Toad River, British Columbia

Today was an exciting day. We saw a small herd of buffalo on the road, but we had just crossed a bridge that they were doing construction work on and it was down to one lane, so we were going very slowly. We were also the first car in line which made it handy for taking pictures. A little later there was a caribou eating road kill in the road so Jerry slammed on his breaks and moved to the left; the caribou stood up and moved to his right—or the same direction as us. The entire time I had the camera in my hand but my fingers were frozen and I never took one picture. I think it took 30 minutes for our heart rate to return to normal.

We stopped at Liard Hot Springs—something I’d really been looking forward to. They had benches in the springs to sit on, and it was divided into areas of super hot, hot, and warm. They also had a waterfall with a bench to sit on, which felt great on my back.

We stayed at Toad River Lodge (and campground) also a Good Sam campground and it had the worst looking bathhouse I’ve ever seen. I’d really been looking forward to a hot shower because one of the nurses at the hospital in Whitehorse asked us if Jerry had been in Liard Hot Springs. She said they get a lot of cellulitis patients from there.

The scenery is beautiful, of course. Autumn is here in British Columbia. Not much red, but lots and lots of gold mixed in with the evergreen trees.

Temps range from low 40s to mid about 60.

Pictures: Click here

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