Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 92, Mon, Sep 3, 2007, Whitehorse, YT, Canada

Today was a great day! We took a Yukon River Cruise through the very narrow Miles Canyon. Talk about scenic! And I (Barbara) got to drive the boat! I asked the captain if I could, and he said ok. I figured the worst he could do is say “no.” What a thrill it was! Then another lady asked if she could drive it and we each got caps that said MV Schwatcka on them. The boat is named after a U.S. Army LT who, in 1883 led a small expedition on a raft down the Yukon River 3,200 kilometers to the Bering Sea. Now that’s a trip!

Jerry is doing better. On the boat he was able to walk around so his leg didn’t hurt too much. It hurts the most when he is sitting or standing still. The swelling is gone and it’s peeling, as if it was sunburned (and it looks like it is).

The weather was beautiful today—but still getting into the 30’s at night and in the 60’s during the day.

Pictures: Click here

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