Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 100, Tue, Sep 11, 2007, Red Deer to Calgary, AB

A day all Americans and most people worldwide should never forget. Today is a beautiful day, just as is was 6 years ago, weather-wise anyway. We’re having blue skies and the temperature as I write this (1:00 p.m.) is 75 degrees. We are spending the night with our friend Morna, who is Karen Ramstead’s Mom.

We had a delightful visit with Morna. She stuffed us with delicious stew and hot rolls, and we laughed over videos of interviews of Karen. Karen, how do you stay so composed? One was done in the kennel with a team hitched to the four-wheeler. The announcer was trying to interview Karen as she sat on the four-wheeler, but every now and then the dogs decided they’d rather run and off they’d go. It was like they were quietly saying to each other, “okay, guys, on three, we’re off!” Morna, thank you for the kindness and hospitality and Karen, thank you for inadvertently providing some much-needed laughs. We so admire you and are so proud of you. The only thing missing was you, Mark and a few puppies!! But your Mom passed on the big hug!

Being a “dog person” Morna invited Blackie and Little Bear into her home and they were so excited to be in a space larger than our little motorhome! Little Bear wasted no time touring the entire house (nosy thing that she is) then whined until Morna and I put her on a bed upstairs for a nap. At 17, she’s unable to jump on a bed but likes to sleep on one. Blackie was thrilled to have a backyard to run in and gave Morna so much attention when we came in—he even “helped” her put the VCR tape in the TV and gave her lots of kisses as a thank you. There are no spoiled animals in the Lake household!! I think both of the pets are as anxious to get home as we are.

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