Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 101, Wed, Sep 12, 2007, Calgary, AB to Conrad, MT

Back in the United States! It’s a good feeling and a sad feeling because I (Barbara) have a soft spot in my heart for Canada—its beauty, its people, and its hockey! But I’ll always be an American. We ate lunch today in Lethbridge, Alberta to use up the last of our Canadian money and a nice couple came over to talk to us. They knew we were Americans by our accents. We never think of us having accents but several Canadians have told us we have them. Of course, we think they have accents.

We got through Customs with no problem. We were going to stop in Shelby, but decided to drive a little further and stopped at the small town of Conrad, MT. This very nice little lady running the campground brought us a welcome bag compliments of the Chamber of Commerce. How sweet of them!

Pictures: Click here

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